Pavlova pancakes are your new favourite food mashup

Carly Williams

We’ve heard of Tim Tam pancakes and Milo pancakes, now another iconic Aussie flavour has collided with everyone’s favourite breakfast treat.

Meet the Pavlova Pancakes, the genius idea from Sydney café Left of Field.

The Australia Day special menu item is here to say after going viral on the Interwebs. Photo: Carly Willaims/Be

Co-owner Coco and his team at the famous Rhodes eatery came up with the dish for Australia Day 2018.

Like all over-the-top food hybrids, the hotcakes went viral and even Kochie was raving about them on Sunrise.

“After that we had to make them a permanent menu item,” Coco told Be.

With chic interiors and an A-class menu, Coco and his team have brought a Melbourne-style cafè to Sydney's Rhodes. Photo: Left of Field Instagram

And they sell like, well, hotcakes!

After the pancakes are cooked on the grill, they’re topped with fresh fruit salad, pavlova pieces and a tangy passionfruit syrup. The dish is finished off with a custardy cream and it’s one of the best brunches we’ve ever had.

The Pavlova Pancakes feature chunks of sugary pavlova, fresh fruit salad, passionfruit syrup and creamy custard. Photo: Left of Field Instagram

Left of Field is like an urban Melbourne café, bringing much-needed chic Fitzroy vibes to suburban Rhodes.

Sydney-siders make the drive to the outter-inner-west hotspot, and will happily line up for a taste of the Pavlova pancakes.

The chilli scrambled eggs are a menu highlight. Photo: Left of Field Instagram

But the other menu items are just as delicious. Try fried duck egg on brioche with mushrooms, asparagus, peas, pecorino and truffle oil. Or the very healthy salad of crunchy spring vegetables, lentils, almonds, smoky eggplant and herbs.

The light and crunchy veggie salad. Photo: Carly Williams/Be

We’re obsessed.

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