Anna Wintour interviewed Meryl Streep and it's amazing

Olivia Morris

Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour has interviewed Meryl Streep and it is a major Devil Wears Prada inception.

The Oscar-winning actress makes quite an entrance in the video and it definitely gives us a bit of nostalgia from her days as Runway editor-in-chief Miranda Priestly. Watch a snippet from the interview above.

The pair discuss Meryl's new role in The Post as the late Katharine Graham, who was a "great friend" of Anna's and the first female publisher of The Washington Post.

Meryl Streep visited Anna Wintour at the Vogue head quarters and it's a total Devil Wears Prada inception. Source: YouTube / Vogue
Anna got down to the nitty gritty with Meryl and asked her who was the most
Meryl joked with the editor-in-chief of Vogue just a little bit about

"Obviously you've played a lot of extraordinary women," the fashion mogul said to the actress. "What was the most challenging woman you ever played?"

"I should say...," Meryl answered laughing, implying her playing the Anna-inspired character, Miranda, was challenging. "That wasn't anyway. That was fun."

In the interview, the topical issue of sexual harassment in Hollywood and Harvey Weinstein emerged.

Meryl played the infamous Anna Wintour-inspired female boss Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada. Source: 20th Century Fox

"What do you sit around and talk about at the dining room table?" the 68-year-old fashion legend asked.

"Harvey Weinstein! That's all we talk about," Meryl answered. "It's horrible. We want them to be free. We want them to be proud. We want them to be female. But you put them in danger by not informing them about the male gaze and how it works on young girls."

During the chat with Anna, the actress weighed in on the current situation in Hollywood. Source: Vogue / YouTube

Further discussing the recent events that have taken place in Hollywood, the Iron Lady star admitted she believes it will make everyone in the business more "aware" this upcoming awards season.

"I think it might lead to the moment where, at least in my business," she said, "people walk into a room and they look around and see three women and nine men and they think there's something wrong."

The disgraced movie maker has been accused of a strong of sex crimes. Source: Getty

Both of the female powerhouses then joked to one another how they should both run for office one day.

We would love to see that.

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