Waleed 'picks fight' with Carrie

Leah Cohen

Just one day after coming under fire for calling admin workers "bogans", tensions on last night's The Project were showing with Carrie Bickmore snapping at her co-host Waleed Aly, accusing him of “wanting to pick a fight.”

The tense exchange came after the panel discussed the topic of people-carrying drones.

Carrie and Waleed clash over silly panel discussion. Photo: Network Ten

Fifi Box chimed in and made a joke, saying: “That is not fair on people walking the streets below. What if a propeller falls on me as I am walking along the street?”

In typical Waleed fashion, the 38-year-old interrupted Fifi to dispute what she had just said.

“I am more worried about the poor person in the drone,” Waleed commented.

Waleed always challenges the other panelists' opinions. Photo: Network Ten

Confused as to Waleed’s point-of-view, Carrie piped up and said: “The propeller could have chopped her head off.”

Then still heated from the drone topic, Waleed and Carrie got into another moments later when comedian Peter Helliar played a clip from I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here.

In the video above, former Collingwood AFL player Dane Swan can be seen lying on his bed in the South African jungle telling Ash Pollard what strange thought had just popped into his mind.

“I was just thinking about how many footballs I’d need to strap to to be able to float through the ocean,” Dane said, making fellow contestant Ash laugh out loud.

“How many you reckon?” Peter asked the panelists, who burst into laughter along with the audience.

Waleed couldn't help but challenge Pete's question. Photo: Network Ten

But before anyone could answer, a perplexed Waleed asked “What?!”

“10?” Carrie says, not bothered arguing about an exact number. “Pick a number, any number.”

But her voice was mere background noise, overthrown by Waleed who seemed to take the lighthearted question a little too seriously.

“It doesn’t matter how many because won't they just get waterlogged and then you’d sink?” he asked.

Carrie was having none of it. Photo: Network Ten

That seemed to be the last straw for Carrie, who threw her arms up in the air and said: “Oh stop with all of the… Waleed!

"You want to pick a fight? Ok! Don’t worry about the propellers, don't worry about the waterlogging,” Carrie said, appearing to be sick of Waleed’s challenges.

Taken aback, Waleed defended himself and said: “He asked me a question and I answered it. What do you want me to do?”

The panel then broke down into laughter, Carrie and Waleed included.

Peter then decided to stir the pot more and said: “I agree with what Carrie’s saying… Stop bringing logic to this joke!”

The panel laughed it off. Photo: Network Ten

The presenters butting heads comes after Waleed came under fire for suggesting administration workers were "bogan.”

The show's panel were discussing a recent online ad posted by a Perth business that was heavily criticised for discriminating against "bogans [and] rough people".

But Waleed sparked outrage when he commented, "If you're not taking bogans, where are you going to find good admin people? Where are they going to get them from?"

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Not only did the audience gasp, viewers went off on social media expressing their distaste for his reaction.

Oh Waleed! Haven't you ever heard the saying: “If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?”

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