Waleed under fire in 'bogan' row

Amy Stevenson

Waleed Aly has come under fire after suggesting administration workers are "bogan" during Monday night's episode of The Project.

His remark came when the show's panel were discussing a recent online ad posted by a Perth business, that was heavily criticised for discriminating against "bogans [and] rough people".

Waleed has been slammed by viewers. Source: Channel Ten

The since-deleted Guntree advert required applicants to "have good references" and be "drug free, [and] also child and pet friendly," as well as advising that "No bogans or rough people need apply".

But Waleed sparked outrage with his reaction, drawing gasps from shocked audience members when he commented, "If you're not taking bogans, where are you going to find good admin people? Where are they going to get them from?"

Co-host Carried Bickmore seemingly agreed with his stance. Source: Channel Ten
Meanwhile viewers took to social media to slam the view. Source: Twitter

Co-host Carrie Bickmore seemingly agreed with Waleed's stance, replying "good point" before asking whether those applying would know if they were bogan or not.

"I reckon there are people who are proudly bogan," he added.

Panelist Peter Helliar tried break some of the tension by joking, "Maybe don't use the word bogans. You could say people with mullets and Bintang singlets need not apply."

Viewers took to social media to slam Waleed's comments, calling him "rude" and telling him to "get off your high horse".

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Many were unhappy they had been labelled
The remark came after a business posted an online ad. Source: Twitter

"Rude, Waleed @theprojecttv. I've two degrees, including one in Latin and Ancient Greek & all I'm looking for is an admin position. #nobogan," one user tweeted.

"I work in admin and I am the antithesis of a Bogan. Get off your high horse," read another tweet with another user saying, "No Waleed. Not cool at all. Not all Admin peeps are Bogans. Many are degree qualified. Can't believe your comment!"

Waleed has yet to respond to criticisms.

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