This piece of information from The Lion King will change EVERYTHING

Olivia Morris

We all know the classic Disney movie The Lion King.

And if you don’t, how can you have been deprived of this iconic film during your childhood?!

We've got some information about Scar and Mufasa that will shock you. Source: Disney

Well we’ve got some information for you that may completely shock you.

The most tragic part of the story is when Scar murders his own brother Mufasa - it still hurts to talk about it!

But it turns out it is not technically possible for Scar and Mufasa to be blood-related.

WE ARE SHOCKED. Source: Giphy
Scar and Mufasa are NOT blood-related. WHAT?! Source: Disney

How can this key information have been withheld from diehard Lion King fans!

Director of the movie Rob Minkoff and producer Don Hahn recently revealed this brand new information in a recent interview with Hello Giggles.


“[While we were making the movie] we talked about the fact that it was very likely [Scar and Mufasa] would not have both the same parents,” Hahn told the publication.

He went onto explain how lions work in the wild and most likely meaning Mufasa and Scar would not have had the same parents.

This is the moment that broke all hearts in The Lion King. Source: Disney
Source: Giphy

“The way lions operate in the wild … when the male lion gets old, another rogue lion comes and kills the head of the pride. What that does is it causes the female lions to go into heat [to produce], and then the new younger lion kills the king and then he kills all the babies. Now he’s the new lion that’s running the pride,” the producer explained.

So how was there two male lions (before Scar murdered Mufasa) in this pride then?

Hahn said: “Occasionally there are prides that do have two male lions, in an interesting dynamic because they’re not equals (since they don’t have the same parents). One lion will always kind of be off in the shadows. We were trying to use those animal truths to underpin the story so we sort of figured Scar and Mufasa couldn’t really be from the same gene pool.”

We still need time to process all this information. Source: Giphy

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We wonder if this concept of these two lions will be explored in the new live-action remake of The Lion King set for release in 2019.

Maybe we’ll have actually processed all this information by then!

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