WATCH: Flight attendant's hilarious Britney Spears parody

Abi Moustafa

We've all watched Britney Spears' epic Toxic video and secretly dreamt we could become a flight attendant - even if only for a day to reenact that iconic dance routine! And now it appears a fan has actually made that dream come true!

AirAsia crew member Assraf Nasir, found some time in between attending to his travellers' needs to pay tribute to Britney Spears' 2004 hit with a hilarious onboard parody.

We give him ten points for effort! Photo: Youtube, Instagram/tonyfernandes.

In it he sashays up and down an empty aisle, body-rolling and shaking his booty while doing his best Britney impression.

His impersonation is spot on! Photo: Youtube, Instagram/tonyfernandes.

The video was originally uploaded by Nasir's co-worker Farhan Rzman, and has since gone viral and been viewed almost 9 million times.

Nasir even brought along the trolley as a prop! Photo: Youtube, Instagram/tonyfernandes.

It appears that even Nasir's boss, the CEO of AirAsia, was one of the viewers, and liked it so much he even reposted the video on Instagram saying he appreciated "that staff can just have fun."

See the full clip above!

And here is the original below to compare.

And while you're watching that, we're off to book some tickets on Nasir's next flight!

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