WATCH: Can Miranda Kerr beat Gordon Ramsay in a cook-off?

Olivia Morris

Aussie model Miranda Kerr was hoping to beat Gordon Ramsay at his own game with her family chicken recipe.

In the video, the A-list chef and the model went head-to-head with two tasty looking chicken dishes on The F Word.

Miranda and Gordon went head-to-head on The F Word. Source: FOX / The F Word

While the two were frantically preparing their dishes the chef asked Miranda, “Do you ever feel under pressure being a model in terms of eating?”

The competition was serious! Source: FOX / The F Word
Miranda was whipping up a family chicken recipe. Source: FOX / The F Word

“I love food. I’m very much into food. I see food as fuel. I do 80% healthy and 20% indulgent. I really do follow it and it’s worked pretty well,” she said.

We’d say it’s worked MORE than well, Miranda!

The pair raced to prepare their dishes and once out of the oven Gordon took a quick taste of his competitor’s dish.

“F**k!” the well-known badmouthed chef shouted.

The chef obviously thought Miranda's dish was very good! Source: FOX / The F Word

“Good?” Miranda asked.

“Yes! Damn that was good. Oh geez, I think I’m going to get my a** kicked,” Gordon said.

The three judges then entered with no idea whose dish was whose.

Who came out on top in the end? Source: The F Word / FOX

In the end, it was a result of two to one with Gordon coming out the champion.

“He was going to be so sad if he lost,” Miranda said laughing.

With a sigh of relief Gordon said: “My reputation is still intact.”

The pair were still friends even after the competition. Source: The F Word / FOX

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Turns out Miranda’s family dish wasn’t a recipe for success but her opponent still congratulated her.

Good effort from the Aussie model. After all, she was going up against a Michelin star chef!

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