WATCH: Trump’s most viral fails

Bianca Soldani

President Trump’s four months in office have been filled with a steady stream of viral gaffes, meme-worthy moments and some downright hilarious video clips.

And the most recent was the very tense handshake he shared with new French President Emmanuel Macron just last week.

Macron was keeping him hanging. Photo: CNN

As handshakes go, it’s a pretty solid one for Trump – who is notorious for making them awkward– particularly because this time he appears to be the one trying to escape early.

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Looking closely at the footage, the American’s fingers try to release from the handshake twice before Macron finally lets go!

It’s promoted us to put together this reel of Trump’s most viral fails - so brace your sides and scroll up, it’s pretty funny stuff!

This gif is gold!
Out of my way!

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