WATCH: John Cena deadlifts Jimmy Fallon

Aletha Wilkinson

John Cena turned 40 in April, and celebrated by deadlifting a 273kg weight, proving age really is just a number.

Also just a number? Whatever Jimmy Fallon weighs.

Come on buddy, stiff as a board. Source: NBC

John showed up on the set of Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show this weekend and proceeded to hoist Jimmy up off the ground in an impressive display of strength – especially considering how hard they were both trying not to laugh.

Lift with your knees, John. Source: NBC

“Here’s the thing: You gotta think, ‘Stiff as a board, stiff as a board,'” John advised Jimmy as he lay on the ground, ready to be picked up.

Jimmy's getting the giggles. Source: NBC

While he didn't lift Jimmy over his head and do a couple of turns as we admittedly hoped he would, John did manage to break whatever tension was left by screaming, "THIS IS AWKWARD!" just before returning Jimmy back to Earth.

YES. Source: NBC

Bromance ain't dead, guys.

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