WATCH: Matt Damon’s action packed ‘The Great Wall’ trailer

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The film is set in ancient China and Matt Damon’s character is a mercenary who travels east in search of gunpowder and discovers the mighty Great Wall and the terrible secret behind why it was built.

This savage tale of man vs. nature will leverage the world class visual effects of Weta to create an entire ecosystem of creatures hellbent on our destruction.

This action adventure film was directed by superstar Chinese director Zhang Yimou. Zhang, who is best known in Australia for the eye-catching martial arts films Hero and House Of Flying Daggers.

The trailer gives a glimpse into the story of William Garin’s (Matt Damon) taken prisoner by a warrior sect known as the Nameless Order. But before long differences are set aside, and they join in repelling an attack by the Taotie, giant ravenous reptiles who swarm towards the wall every 60 years.

This gives rise to a series of large-scale battle sequences, choreographed in fanciful, imaginative ways.

The Great Wall backed by Chinese-owned Hollywood studio Legendary, with a cast featuring Chinese A-listers such as Jing Tian and Andy Lau, as well as Matt Damon, Pedro Pascal, and Willem Dafoe, making it the most expensive film ever made in China.

The Great Wall, starring Matt Damon, is out now on 4K Ultra HD, 3D, Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital.