WATCH: Newlyweds walk on glass to prove their love

Allison Yee

They say love hurts, and one bizarre new wedding trend is really putting that to the test by getting the bride and groom to walk over broken glass.

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While most brides might feel like their feet are on fire after hours spent in sky-high heels, one Spanish company is making sure both newlyweds get to experience the sensation – and all in the name of love.

Would you walk on broken glass for your partner? Photo: Caters

Crystals of Love was created three months ago by Sara Segura, and sees the happy couple walking on ‘crystals’ as a symbol of their faith in overcoming the challenges of married life.

The ‘crystals’ look suspiciously like broken glass shards to us, and Sara reveals the couple need to undergo three hours of training for the 10 minute ceremony.

“I had walked on crystals before and it had helped me to focus my mind and strength, and then it hit me it would be perfect for weddings,” Sara told StoryTrender.

Footage of the ceremony shows a couple being supported - and having the feet brushed off - during the walk. Photo: Caters

For those worried about what happens after you’ve made it along the crystal path, never fear, you can also enlist friends with little wipers to sit there and brush you off after the ceremony.

Still not sure? Watch the video above.

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