Watch: Parody video pokes fun at helicopter parents

Two parents have created a parody video poking fun at one of the most amusing parenting archetypes: the Helicopter Parent.

Set to the tune of LMFAO's 'Party Rock Anthem', the Holderness family recruit friends to create a music video. Parents sing lyrics like "every day I'm hovering", "gotta make sure that everything's right", and singing about 'free-range' parents, "I wish I could act like that, but I'd much rather put you in bubble wrap."

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Called 'Copter Mommy's', the song references the Holderness' own parenting style.

"Every single one of us parents in different ways - this is an exaggeration (slight) based on our real life 'coptering' admissions," they write in their YouTube description. "We're working on letting go and letting our kids apply their own sunscreen."

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Watch the full video here.

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