WATCH: Sexy dance move ends in injury

Allison Yee

Dancing around your room before a night out is standard pre-game ritual, but in a warning video to us all, 20-year-old Bonnie Lee Brown reveals there is such a thing as too much sexy dance.

With the tunes pumping and her best party face on, the Brit took pole dancing to literal levels after some ambitious dance moves in the bedroom ended up in an embarrassing hospital trip.

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In a video posted to Twitter, Bonnie is seen laughing with a gal pal as she drops to a squat, only to land smack bang on the protruding pole of a shoe rack.

Bonnie is all smiles at the beginning of the clip. Photo: Twitter/bonnieleebrown_

“So I ended up with a pole up my bum Saturday night and had to have 3 stitches on my arse cheek and a tetanus jab, how was your weekend?” she posted on Twitter.

Bonnie's night was over before it even properly started. Photo: Twitter/bonnieleebrown_

Bonnie’s seen immediately grabbing her bum in the clip, and later revealed she ripped a hole in her dress and was bruised for days.

Bonnie's dancing mishap has since gone viral. Photo: Twitter/bonnieleebrown_

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