Watch Stephen Colbert mock Johnny Depp's apology video

Carly Williams
Yahoo7 Entertainment

Like the rest of us, comedian Stephen Colbert is not convinced Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are really sorry about sneaking their dogs into Australia.

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The funnyman poked fun at the actor and his wife's lame and pretty insincere apology video on ‘The Late Show.’

Stephen Colbert spoofs Johnny Depp. Photo: The Late Show
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's apology video. Photo: Barnaby Joyce Facebook

In the clip, Stephen and a lady friend portray the unemotional couple and make their own apologies to the land Down Under.

Stephen Colbert. Photo: The Late Show

Stephen says sorry for not only sneaking in the pups but also a “colony of parakeets whom I rightfully call The Funky Bunch” and “two 500-pound feral hogs, Niles and Frasier.” To make up for it, and to honor Australia’s “proud island of exiled British degenerates,” Stephen slash Depp gave a half-arsed attempt on the didgeridoo, blurting out, “Just smile and give me a vegemite sandwich” at the end.

The Hollywood stars plead guilty in a Gold Coast court on Monday to providing false immigration documents when bringing their pups to Australia. Amber escaped conviction but was sentenced to a one-month, $1000 good-behaviour bond and made to record that awful and weird public service announcement about Australia's strict bio-security laws.

Amber Heard and her dog in New York City. Photo: Getty

The script was put together by the Agriculture Department and Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce (who led the charge against Amber and her dogs) promptly put the video on his Facebook page.

The Deputy PM told ABC radio he thought the actors' performances were shocking.

Minister for Agriculture and Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce. Photo: ABC

"As far as me directing this atrocious movie, no, even I could have done a little better than that," he said.

"Do it again Johnny, do it with gusto mate, a little gusto."