WATCH: the grossest food stuff-ups caught on video

Allison Yee

Chocolate lovers everywhere were left horrified and more than a little traumatised when news surfaced last week of one woman unwrapping her favourite Ferrero Rocher chocolates, only to discover they were infested with maggots.

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However, that’s not the only time an unwitting diner has been faced with a stomach-churning surprise as they’ve been about to tuck into their favourite treat.

Yep, that's just a big ol maggot making itself at home. Photo: Facebook/Rachael Vile
What's worse, Rachael had already eaten half the box. Photo: Facebook/Rachael Vile


A refreshing drink of coconut water turned into a horrific discovery for one New York woman who only learnt of a bizarre ‘octopus’ like substance inside her carton AFTER she started drinking it.

Barbara Kline claims she vomited for days after she began sipping on her favourite coconut water, only to swallow a mystery clump. It’s then she opened up the box to find the weird growth.

What is that?! Photo: Facebook/barsha.evelyn

“Everyone that drinks this please copy and paste or share to your profile get the word out,” Barbara wrote in her post earlier this year.

The coconut water of our nightmares. Photo: Facebook/barsha.evelyn

“I have been sick to my stomach since I had this last night I don't know what it is it looks like mold but I am highly convinced that it's something else.”


Scared of mould? Look away now, because this can of sweet corn houses one of the most disturbing infestations we’ve ever seen.

Not a single kernel of corn to be seen here, folks. Photo: Viralhog

Taking the lid off the can, the man can be heard in a video saying “Isn’t that some of the nicest corn you’ve ever seen? Get in my belly.”

No thank you!

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