Watch this newlywed's honeymoon be ruined by a leopard invading their hotel room

Allison Yee

Champagne, cuddles... and a dangerous cat staring at you from your bathroom.

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It wasn't quite the blissed-out honeymoon newlyweds Sumit Rathore and his wife Shivani were expecting when they awoke to the sound of breaking glass in their Himalayan hotel room at 4.45am. The culprit? A sheepish looking leopard who quickly settled itself in their bathroom.

"To my horror, I felt something moving on my bed. It was then that I saw the leopard, which immediately ran inside the bathroom," Sumit told the Times of India. "Even though I was shocked and scared, I quickly jumped out of bed and locked the bathroom door."

Newlyweds Sumit and Shivani had a surprise visitor in their hotel suite. Photo: Caters

With video showing the young leopard staring intently out from the bathroom, experts say the cat could have been chased by wild dogs, or smashed into the room after mistaking its reflection in the window glass for another leopard.

Whatever the case, the couple were relieved when the cat finally made a break for it after two hours, escaping out the bathroom vent.

Now that's a honeymoon to remember...

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