WATCH: Woman pranks boyfriend with tarantula toastie

Allison Yee

Think it’s too good to be true when you’re a bit peckish and your partner offers to make you a delicious snack?

For Daniel Brookes, that was most definitely the case when his girlfriend Kirsty Matthews decided to get a little creative when she was making his favourite toastie.

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Along with ham, cheese, pepperoni and jalapenos (#toastiegoals), Kirsty could barely contain her glee as she pulled out a bag containing a giant edible zebra tarantula.

UK woman Kirsty decided to add something special to her boyfriend's sandwich - and film the whole thing. Photo: Youtube

“It’s all legs, hair, everything is in it,” Kirsty says in a video posted to Youtube. “I’m going to break it up and whack it in his toastie.”

At first, Daniel is seen happily chomping on his sarnie, before he sights something suspicious.

She bought an edible spider especially for the occasion. Photo: Youtube
Kirsty can be seen adding big bits of spider as she makes the toastie. Photo: Youtube

“What’s that?” he asks. “Is it a bean or something? Kirst, what did you put on here?”

Daniel’s worst fears are confirmed when he opens up the sandwich to reveal big, black, crunchy bits of spider.

Daniel starts chowing down on the sandwich, only to quickly realise something is very wrong. Photo: Youtube

He’s then seen making a mad rush for the toilet and retching.

Watch your back Kirsty, we reckon Daniel’s going to get you back good.

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