We tried out Kendall Jenner’s favourite LA restaurant

Alicia Vrajlal

There’s that whiff of irresistible greasiness from the nearby In N Out Burger joint, but nobody else notices it because they’ve got a 5am yoga class and green smoothie for the go.

Ah yes, I must be in LA… The ‘City Of Stars’ where the handsome waiter is an ambitious actor trying to make ends meet. And I hate to admit, it’s where there is just an abundance of drop dead, good looking people, given you stay within the parameters of the Hollywood Hills.

I was recently in Tinsel Town for the 2017 Grammys, and I wasn’t going to let my Instagram shamelessly sit there with no proof of an epic celeb-style getaway.

Kendall Jenner celebrated her 21st birthday at LA celeb hotspot Delilah, so Be decided to check it out. Source: Instagram

So as the locals (the famous ones) do, I had to scout out the celeb hot spots.

Thanks to Discover LA, a night out at Delilah was already on the itinerary, and what do you know, that just happens to be the glam joint where Kendall Jenner celebrated her 21st birthday.

We arrived in a black limo (only because that’s what could fit eight journalists and two tour guides), and as I stepped out of the car, these quick clicks and flashes overwhelmed me. Turns out there was a pack of paparazzi camped outside the restaurant, because after all, it’s the same place Drake celebrated his 30th birthday. It's safe to say, famous people like it.

Be's Deputy Entertainment Editor Alicia just casually posing outside Delilah in West Hollywood. Source: Supplied
Owned by h.wood Group’s John Terzian & Brian Toll, Delilah is a hybrid restaurant and bar in LA. Source: Elizabeth Daniels

And I totally get why. The hybrid restaurant and lounge was dimly lit, with a bar on the left for some pre-drinks. An array of private booths lined the walls, while plenty of circular tables were in the middle, perfect for intimate groups. The elegant fittings gave off a real 20's art-decor style feel, complete with delicate chandeliers, dainty plants propped in the corners and even a stage for live entertainers.

I instantly felt that cool LA vibe people talk about, but then a waiter told me to stop taking selfies and I was a bit sad, obviously! Turns out photos are prohibited at Delilah, in order to respect the privacy of regular diners, who just often happen to be the biggest stars on the planet. No biggie.

The art deco-inspired space was designed by John Sofio of Built Inc. Source: Elizabeth Daniels
That is legitimately the exact booth we sat at. Source: Elizabeth Daniels

And the waiter wasn’t lying, because after we ordered a couple of plates to share, I’m talking chicken tenders, kale vegan salad, and fresh oysters to name a few, I looked up from my cocktail to see a face so devilishly handsome, and so familiar, that if there was a full moon, howls would have ensued. It was Jacob Black from Twilight, ie Taylor Lautner! See what I did there with the full moon reference? #WerewolvesForLife #SorryNotSorry

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I always suspected I was a celebrity magnet, but it’s not till I spotted a second famous face that night that I rewarded myself with legit bragging rights.

In strolled Vince Vaughn with a group of friends. While Taylor enjoyed a romantic dinner with girlfriend Billie Lourd at one of the tables in the middle of the restaurant, Vince opted for a private booth.

A sneaky snap of my cocktail with an actual rose in it.. how Kendall J of me. Source: Supplied
Delilah serves a variety of classic and modern American cuisine. Source: Miki Ash

Word spread fast across our table. We’re eight entertainment journalists after all.

I was nibbling away on one of the seared diver scallops when, wait for it… Tobey Maguire arrived!

When a Twilight guy, Jen Aniston’s ex and Spiderman walk into a bar… I mean literally, this was happening right in front of my eyes!

Lucky for us, Tobey needed to make his way to the balcony for a cigarette break, and I wasn’t going to pass up on an opportunity to have a quick chat with good old Tobes.

Delilah's Food & Cocktail Program & Menus are curated by Adam Koral of The h.wood Group. Source: Miki Ash
You can expect food by Chef Rudy Lopez, and specialty cocktails by Matt Seigel. Source: Miki Ash
When a Twilight guy, Jen Aniston’s ex and Spiderman walk into a bar… I mean literally, this was happening right in front of my eyes! Source: Supplied

“Nice to meet you Tobey,” I said with a rather stronger than usual ocker accent (why, Alicia?) as I gestured for a handshake.

As sweet as I would’ve expected him to be, he shook my hand and said, “Nice to meet you too”.

I had to do it. I mean when was I going to be back in Hollywood, dining at Delilah with Tobey Maguire standing 30 centimetres from me? Ok I know, when I marry Dev Patel and move to Beverly Hills obviously, but until then, I’ve got to make the most of it.

Kendall Jenner enjoying her 21st at Delilah last November. Source: Instagram
The birthday girl just sipping one one of those famous Delilah drinks. Source: Instagram

The selection of classic and modern American cuisine was good, but the general consensus around my table was that it’s the atmosphere that really draws the A-listers to Delilah.

For impeccable culinary experiences, Curtis Stone’s Gwen restaurant and Sushi Katsu-ya were on the top of my list by the end of the trip. But for more of the Hollywood experience, Delilah absolutely nailed it.

Good choice, Kendall!

Drake celebrated his 30th birthday at Delilah last October. Source: Instagram
Taylor Swift was one of the guests at Drake's bash. Source: Instagram

Speaking of which, there was plenty more to see and do in LA so I felt like I was ‘keeping up with the Kardashians’.

Take a look below, and for more on LA's hot spots to make your stay the true Hollywood experience, head to Discover Los Angeles.

I was invited to the 2017 Grammy Awards during my LA trip. Source: Be
Trying out my vintage outfit at Rent The Runway before music's night of nights. Source: Be
A view from the exclusive suite organised by Discover Los Angeles. Source: Be
Just hanging out at the GRAMMYS! Source: Be
I went up and spoke to Lady Gaga at the Interscope Grammys afterparty. Unfortunately she kept her 'Poker Face' going and wasn't in the mood to chat, so I decided to 'Just dance... gonna be okay'. Source: Supplied
Before the Grammys, I went on a tour through Capitol Records. Source: Supplied
I realised the easiest way to scout out the places celebs shop at, is just by asking someone who knows it all. Alison Marie Kahn took me on one of her Tour De Couture shopping tours down Melrose Avenue in Beverly Hills. Source: Supplied
Quick helicopter tour of the Hollywood Hills thanks to Group3 Aviation. Source: Supplied
Friday night drinks and bowling at The Spare Room at The Hollywood Roosevelt. Source: Supplied

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