Welcome to our home in Fiji

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Welcome to our home in Fiji

Recently Fiji Airways extended its famous warm spirit of Fiji to those that would welcome it most with a once in a lifetime opportunity for an individual, couple or family to spend a week experiencing the care and warmth of a Fijian family and enjoy a well-deserved break like no other.

As part of the “Welcome to our home” campaign, the chosen travellers were flown to a pristine location to experience the tropical islands, and offered a 'home away from home' with a difference.

The campaign has been launched through a series of videos featuring three real families who recently travelled to and from Fiji needing a much-deserved home-away-from-home experience of a lifetime. They were nominated by friends and family back in September.

They will not only get to live and breathe the Fijian culture, they will also be able to take part in everything Fiji has to offer; with horse riding on the beach, snorkelling, and diving plus many of more life-changing activities.

A once tight-knit family from the suburbs of Sydney, Australia, the Monahan siblings were given the opportunity to reunite after losing their mother and splitting into different homes. Their trip sees them become a single unit honouring their mother's last wishes, and experiencing their first overseas family holiday.

You can see more of their story here.