Adorable kid asks newsreader if she's single live on air

Sarah Carty

This is the hilarious moment a child asks a newsreader live on air if she’s single.

Erin Cross, who has been battling leukemia for five years, was on the show to discuss her Wellchild award she received for her bravery during her illness.

And while appearing on ITV News, the seven-year-old decided to suss out for a friend whether newsreader Lucrezia Millarini was still on the market.

"I got a question from a friend. Are you single?” Erin asked smiling adorably.

Erin Cross asked Lucrezia Millarini live on air if she was single. Photo: ITV
The newsreader couldn't help but laugh at the little girl's question. Photo: ITV

"Erin! I'm blushing," Lucrezia replied.

The interview then ended with Lucrezia cutting to a break, however according to The Sun, she released a statement soon after.

“I knew Erin had a question for me because she told me before we went on air. Needless to say I had no idea it would be this one,” she said.

She quickly cut to an ad break. Photo: ITV
Erin was the recipient of a Wellchild award after battling leukemia for five years. Photo: ITV
Prince Harry met Erin the night before at the awards show. Photo: Getty Images

"She'd already mentioned not letting her dad do embarrassing 'dad dancing' at last night's award ceremony and that she'd met Prince Harry 'more times than his girlfriend'. So I knew she was a bit of a character.

“And yes, I'm not easily embarrassed but this question did make me blush. I didn't get to answer on air - am I single? No, happily married.”

Erin met Prince Harry at the Wellchild Awards the night prior, where she presented him with a drawing she had done of the two of them together.

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