‘Wet toothbrush’ debate sends Twitter into meltdown

Allison Yee

We’ve all got our own ways when it comes to everyday rituals, but one seemingly innocent habit has sent the internet into a spin – and it’s all thanks to the humble toothbrush.

Brushing your teeth might seem like the most simple thing ever, but one Twitter user inadvertently sparked intense global discussion after asking one question.

If you’ve never stopped to think whether you put water or toothpaste on your brush first, you’re not alone.

Who knew so much Twitter chat could be generated by dental hygiene? Photo: Youtube

But once you start thinking about – and talking about it with others – you WON’T BE ABLE TO STOP.

Source: Giphy

Twitter lit up with people who were convinced their way was right, and every other way was wrong.

Hilariously, dentists were having a field day with all the interest in dental hygiene.

Moral of the internet meltdown - everyone does things differently...

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