Uma Thurman's Got a New Look

Robert Kessler, editing by Yahoo7 Staff
The Hype

Uma Thurman is like you, she's like me, she's trying her own thing, dancing to her own beat. This is what Uma Thurman looks like without eye makeup.

The 44-year-old actress showed up to the New York City premiere of her new NBC drama, The Slap, trying out a whole new look. Gone are the bangs, eye makeup, and bold lip; they've been traded in for darker, slicked back hair, neutral peepers, and a bright red pucker.

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The sleek, smooth styling gave her a more angular look than we're used to seeing. Just one month ago, Thurman was photographed looking, well, like the Thurman we know and love.

We weren't the only ones who noticed:

Robert Kessler writes for Yahoo Celebrity.