WATCH: What it's like getting upgraded to a $28,625 first class flight

Allison Yee

We guess it's what travel dreams are made of.

It’s the holy grail of travelling, so when Youtube star Casey Neistat was upgraded to first class on an Emirates flight from New York to Dubai, he decided to document it.

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In a video that’s been viewed almost three million times, Casey – who manages to keep his sunnies on during the whole nine minute video – takes us behind that elusive first class curtain.

Casey takes us behind the first class curtain to all the snacks, drinks and leg space we've only dreamed about. Image: Youtube/CaseyNeistat

Bouncing around like a kid in a candy store, the excited 35-year-old is seen sliding doors back and forth and pressing all the amazing buttons, which see things like a personal minibar pop up.

And when it comes to food, there’s no waiting for your choice of chicken or fish from a trolley.

It's caviar all the way for Casey during his first class eating adventure. Image: Youtube/CaseyNeistat

“The purser told me I just order whatever I want, whenever I want it,” he says. “There’s no meal time, you just tell them to cook you something and they cook it. Like being at a real restaurant.”

Naturally, Casey orders caviar, and from there, it’s the serious business of sleep. Presented with a goody bag including pyjamas, Casey shows off every overnight flyer’s dream – the fully reclining bed.

Casey attempts to make up his own bed, before a flight attendant insists on doing it for him. Image: Youtube/CaseyNeistat

“This is more comfortable than my bed at home,” he says. “It’s so cosy.”

First class creature comforts don’t stop there. Casey also takes viewers on a tour of the shower – which looks as big as our shower at home - available to passengers.

Casey - who has pixelated himself for modesty - reveals passengers are allowed 30 minutes in the shower. Image: Youtube/CaseyNeistat

“It really does change your whole relationship with travel,” Casey explains at the end of the video. “When you take what was the most painful part of travelling, instead of that being a terrible experience, the whole experience of travelling is so much more pleasurable.”

We'll live through you Casey.

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