What Kind of Eater Are You?

How can you figure out if you are a fast, slow, or mixed oxidizer? This is where your effort comes in. You have to do an experiment:

  • Week 1 -- For the first week, you're going to eat like a fast oxidizer. Your plate should be filled with about 75% protein and healthy fats (avocado, nuts) and 25% carbs (veggies).

  • Week 2 -- The second week, you'll try a mixed oxidizers diet. Your plate should be about half and half: 50% protein and healthy fats and 50% carbs.

  • Week 3 -- In the third week, you'll eat like a slow oxidizer. Your plate should have only about 35% to 40% protein and fat and the rest should be healthy carbs (veggies and some fruit).

Remember to eat something very green with each meal, especially the week you're eating like a fast oxidizer, to balance out all the acid high protein diets produce in our systems. Green is neutralizing (alkalizing).

Take notes each week. Notice your energy levels, moods, and overall feeling from eating that week. Are you still hungry? Do you get energy from the food? Do you want to take a nap? Notice how you feel...

I can't tell you which diet is going to work best for you. You have to figure it out. Paul Chek can sit at a meal and notice if he isn't getting enough fat. We just have to get connected to ourselves and our bodies. Is it fun? Not really. But figuring it out, feeling great because you are eating the way you are supposed to, and getting the results you are looking for is fun. And that's more fun than any burger and fries.

This is the broken record part...

  • Stay away from fake or processed food. Eat fresh, living food. If you have to nuke it or take it out of a bag or can, stay away.

  • Portion control. Obviously, even if we eat for our type but eat as much as a rogue warrior back from battle, we won't get anywhere. I think the reason the Europeans get away with eating everything is because they eat fresh food and very small amounts at a time. We are the super-size culture, so be careful.

  • Lastly, keep a food journal. You don't have to show it to anyone, so write down everything you put in your mouth. Since it's for your eyes only, there is no reason to lie.

From now on, you can say that you are not afraid of food, and for New Year's you are taking up a new hobby. No diets-just eating the right way for YOU.