Here’s what people get wrong about flight attendants

Bianca Soldani

When you scroll through Instagram photos of flight attendants jet-setting across the globe, it’s hard not to think of the profession as a glamorous and adventurous one.

But according to these hosties, there’s a lot we get wrong about these high-flying workers.

Flight attendants look so glamorous. Photo: Instagram

Business Insider asked 80 anonymous flight attendants about some of the biggest misconceptions the public have about them, and their answers were really quite interesting.

The first thing they pointed out is that life definitely isn’t a non-stop party.

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You’d think that landing in a new exciting city every day would mean you get to visit all the best nightclubs, but not so…

Life as a hostie isn't one big party. Photo: Instagram

“Most layovers are short, and you barely have time for food and a good night's sleep,” one flight attendant said.

Meanwhile another confirmed, “We spend most layovers in bed with wine and Netflix.”

Another thing many people assume is that it’s an easy job where you’re basically the waiters and waitresses of the sky.

But there’s actually a lot more that goes into it.

They're not glorified waitstaff. Photo: Instagram

“The reality is that we are highly training to get you off of the plane in an emergency,” one person said.

“We spend 12-hour days, six days a week, for several weeks to ensure we are qualified to take care of you in a medical emergency or a flight emergency, all the while serving you and making sure you're happy.”

Another added that the job can be extremely physically demanding, and actually comes with a lot of responsibility.

One other misconception the flight attendants raised is that a perk of the job is getting to fly around the world off the clock for free - however all isn’t as it seems.

There's a lot we don't know about the ins and outs of this profession. Photo: Instagram

As one person explains, they only get put on standby flights and are allowed on if there’s room, but “flights are always full”.

So you might not want to count on that free flight when planning a holiday with your friends…

One thing that is for sure, is that hosties know a lot of secrets about the ins and outs of planes.

An interesting Quora thread written by flight attendants last year, revealed a few interesting nuggets, including that the most unhygienic part of the plane isn’t the bathroom or the floor, but your seat belt!

They also mentioned that morning flights are generally smoother than evening ones, and less likely to run into afternoon thunderstorms.

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