Nurses reveal the last words people say before they die

Sarah Carty

A group of palliative care nurses have revealed the dying wishes and the last words of some of their patients.

In the BBC video above, Macmillan nurses at Royal Stoke University Hospital said there was one common thing people who they watched die in their care always said - and that was to live every day like it’s your last.

“I remember one person saying how life is too short. Do the things that you want. Do the things that make you happy,” one of the nurses said.

Nurses have revealed the last words of their patients. Photo: Getty Images

Another nurse said that she also saw a lot of people who believed they had retired too late in life.

"People will have worked really hard and found their retirement was spent in ill health, not doing the things they'd hoped to,” she said.

In a heartwarming story, one of the nurses revealed that an elderly couple in the same ward asked if their beds could be moved beside each other.

‘They just lay “side by side holding hands’, she said and they died just ten days apart.

Other nurses said it was the simple things in life that people wanted in their final hours, like a visit from their dog, or their ‘favourite tipple’.

“Sometimes they just want a cup of tea. It’s the one thing that I think everybody wants,” a nurse said.

A Reddit thread also reveals the words hospital staff have heard from patients before they passed away.

Much like the couple from The Notebook, one nurse said a husband and wife died within 10 days of each other on the same ward. Photo: The Notebook/Avery Pix

“Most have been silent in their last moments. One old man sighed out a "finally" and went on. He just looked so relieved to finally die,” a nurse said.

Another ER nurse said a young man who was in a bad car accident asked his girlfriend if his dog was alright before he took his final breath.

“The dog had been in the car and according to his dad didn't make it. I cried in my car for a while after that shift. He was so worried about his dog he had no idea how close to death he was,” she said.

In another heartwarming story, a nurse revealed the last words of one of her patients.

“One of my patients last words were "Oh momma, I. have missed you" Yes...I cried,” she wrote.

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