What really happens to your body when you stop having sex

Allison Yee

If you’re stuck in a rut where your sex life is more pre-Steve Miranda than sex-fuelled Samantha in Sex and the City, here’s some health news that might want you get back on that horse (so to speak).

While there’s any number of things such as work, family, and a time-consuming Married at First Sight obsession that can get in the way of making time for some loving, experts say not having sex can have an adverse effect on how you feel.

For those that might be struggling with their mood, avoiding sex can leave you struggling to get a hit of those feel-good endorphins.

Sometimes sex can take a backseat to everything else in life. Photo: Getty

“Sexual connection give partners loads of skin-to-skin caressing and touch, and can help to regulate one another’s moods,” sex therapist Sari Cooper told Readers Digest.

Sari also explains that you can being to feel sluggish and kick start a vicious cycle of having less ‘hunger for sex’.

It’s not just the mental side effects that result from skipping sex.

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For those women close to menopause, a bedroom ban could make things a little more difficult when you do decide to have sex.

“Without regular frequency of intercourse as you get older the walls of your vagina thin out and can lead to painful sex when you finally get back into the sack,” explained Sari.

Need another excuse to get going in the bedroom?

Some studies suggest getting it on can actually help decrease your cramps during your period.

Minimising cramps without the aid of a family size block of chocolate? We're sold.

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