What To Do If You're Pregnant Or Physically Restricted

We can learn a thing or two from people with disabilities (www.sexualhealth.com) who, out of keen determination to have sexual lives, have developed or inspired some unique methods of having sex and increasing their range of sexual pleasure.

So if you're one of thousands of people whose bodies just don't bend to and fro like they were meant to, read on. The causes may be complicated, but the solutions don't have to be - at least sexually speaking, consider this truly helpful product: the Liberator Wedge and the Liberator Ramp (www.tryliberator.com) Developed to help people with mobility impairments and chronic pain, the Liberator Wedge and Ramp can also be used to try new positions and deepen penetration.

Sex educator and bestselling author Lou Paget (www.loupaget.com) points to these versatile supportive devices as being perfect for women during pregnancy as well as with disabilities. She says, "the beauty of these two items is in their ergonomic design and their ability to be used together to expand your position options," as well as "enable both partners to relax more into the sensations because they are not distracted by having to maintain balance or getting tired doing so" (from Hot Mamas: The Ultimate Guide to Staying Sexy Throughout Your Pregnancy and the Months Beyond.)