''Fat Girl Dancing'' videos go viral

Christine Dominguez

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Photo: YouTube

Whitney Thore is on a mission to banish body shaming, through dance

Blogger and radio producer Whitney Thore began dancing at age four, and taught up until she was a teenager. During university the 59kg dancer was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, leading to 90kg weight gain - and ultimately hung up her dancing shoes.

"Unable to face my reflection, I failed out of dance class my first semester," Thore told the Huffington Post. "By the time I had graduated college, been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, moved to Korea, and gained 200 pounds, I was finally able to dance socially, at a club or party, but never dreamed I would take a class or perform publicly ever again."

Today Thore is dancing to a different tune. As part of her No Body Shame Campaign, Thore released a YouTube video series self-titled “Fat Girl Dancing” in a bid to banish the "fat" label and promote "aggressive self-love". The video series which show Thore wildly showing off her incredible dancing talent has now gone viral.

Her powerful campaign aims to inspire other women to embrace their body - curves and all. "I am fully dedicated to supporting fellow women in ridding ourselves of shame, and showing that I am NOT ashamed of my body," she told the Huffington Post.

“My intelligence, personality, talents, and contributions do not fluctuate with the numbers on a scale,” she writes on her blog.

“I am unwaveringly me, and the same goes for you. No matter what you’re struggling with, embrace what you have to offer, love yourself right this minute an start affecting positive change for yourself and others.”

Posting her videos on her Facebook page has skyrocketed Thore's popularity. “Instead of posting a link to YouTube, I embedded the video directly into Facebook,” she told The Daily Mail.

“This allowed it to become more visible and reach more people through the 150k+ shares!”

Photo: YouTube
Photo: YouTube


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