Why is Bachelor’s Laura wearing her ring on a different finger?

Olivia Morris

Matty J gave his chosen lady Laura Byrne a massive diamond sparkler on last week’s Bachelor finale placing it on her right hand ring finger.

However, the jewellery designer seems she has other ideas of the best way to show off her ring.

Laura seems to have a better idea of how to style the diamond ring Matty gave her. Source: Instagram
Matty orginally placed the ring on Laura's right hand ring finger. Source: Channel 10

In a selfie she posted over the weekend gushing about her new ring Laura appeared to be wearing it on her middle finger rather than her ring finger.

While it looked just as exquisite on her middle finger it begs the question: why did she swap it?

Laura was the top contender to win Matty J's heart all along. Source: Channel 10

When Laura and Matty were on The Project last week, she did admit she wasn’t sure which finger the commitment ring should go on.

“I don’t know. I think it can go on any finger,” the 31-year-old said. “But it was a bit big so it has to go on this one.”

There we have it folks, it was too big for her ring finger. She could still consider getting the ring resized though...

In an emotional speech, Matty presented Laura with a stunning diamond ring on the Bachelor finale last week. Source: Channel 10

In the same post where she gushed about her ring Laura also subtly mocked season three winner Snezana Markoski’s “cheezel” ring.

“The curse of being a jewellery designer is that no one every gives me jewellery, which sucks because it’s one of my favourite things in the whole wide world,” she wrote on social media.

She praised her boyfriend Matty J for being the “first man brave enough to give this girl a taste of her own medicine” and admitted she is “completely in love” with the ring.

Laura also joked how was glad her ring “didn’t end up looking like a cheezel.”

Sam Wood gave a ring to his lady of choice, Snez, it sparked a lot of online memes claiming the ring looked like the ring-like snack Cheezels. Source: Channel 10

Two years ago when Sam Wood gave a ring to his lady of choice Snez, it sparked a lot of online memes claiming the ring looked like the ring-like snack Cheezels.

However, Sam himself seemed to joke about the ring he gave Snez while watching this year’s finale.

He posted a message on his Instagram story writing: “Not as nice as the ring I gave Snez at the finale.”

Sam himself seemed to joke about the
Matty J told Laura on Thursday's finale that she was the one for him. Source: Channel 10

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Sam also added jokingly: #BringBackTheCheezel. Guessing everyone is in agreement the ring did look a bit like the tasty snack.

The stunning ring that Matty gave Laura is from Larsen Jewellery and is reportedly worth $22,000.

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