MAFS: Why Lauren ran from Jonesy

Amy Stevenson

Despite initially hitting it off at their "wedding", viewers were left shocked when Lauren Bran decided to ditch TV "husband" Andrew 'Jonesy' Jones in the middle of the night without so much as a goodbye.

But now Kyle and Jackie O have revealed they may finally have the answers on why the mother-of-one became Married At First Sight's "runaway bride".

Andrew and Lauren in happier times. Source: Channel Nine

During her Jackie O News segment on Friday morning, the KIISFM radio host revealed that a source close to Lauren had given her a few more details about the fateful night.

In fact, Jonesy might have played a bigger part in being jilted than he first let on!

Recalling how the newly "married" pair decided to spend their wedding night at Sydney's Bondi Beach enjoying a few drinks, the insider told the KIIS FM duo that things took a dark turn when Jonesy was denied entry into one of the clubs.

"They were going all good but then they went to a club and when the bouncer said 'Sorry mate you can't come in' because it was past one o'clock A.M, Andrew apparently lost his s*** and that is when she turned around and took off," the source said.

"She was like 'I'm not going to marry this guy who is losing his s*** over something like that'. It must have been bad for her to just run off because apparently Andrew didn't let up, he got s***** and starting going off at the bouncer."

Andrew tried, and failed, to find his wife after a night out. Source: Channel Nine
Finally Lauren was found but admitted she wanted out of her marriage to Jonesy. Source: Channel Nine

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While viewers were left with a confused and distraught Andrew wondering where his "bride" had gone, the insider added that producers allegedly left the encounter out of the story on purpose.

"They didn't put it in to keep the story going, because if they had it would have been like 'Well that's why she ran off'".

Shortly after he was jilted Andrew was re-matched with Cheryl and soon became the show's villain, clashing with the other couples as well as openly mocking his new "wife".

Andrew wasn't even popular with his second

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