Why Nina kissed Sam Wood but not Eden in Paradise

Rebekah Scanlan

Nina Rolleston has faced some serious backlash over the fact she wouldn't lock lips with Eden Schwencke on Bachelor in Paradise, with fans calling her out for having "double standards" as she kissed Bachelor Sam Wood back in 2015.

With her decision to not pash on TV again costing her relationship with Eden and her place in Paradise, fans have questioned her motives and some have even labelled her a "hypocrite".

But Nina has defended herself, telling Be she thinks it's "disgusting" that other people are trying to weigh in on a personal decision that should belong purely to her.

The reality star has been called out for having

“When I’m ready and when I feel like its right to be intimate with someone then that’s when it will happen," she said, explaining why she didn't want to be physical with her island love interest.

"It’s been absolutely disgusting the social media backlash over what’s right for me and my body," Nina added. "I think in a time of the #MeToo movement it’s appalling that people think they have a right to tell me when I should and shouldn’t be intimate with somebody."

Back in 2015, Nina kissed Sam for a record breaking amount of time on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Source: Ten

Fans took to social media to voice their strong opinions about the 30-year-old's no pash policy after she refused to kiss her love interest of ten days.

"I just don't understand people's mentalities," Nina continued. "In the Bachelor I had no choice over who The Bachelor is, when I was taken on a date or what that date was."

She was also pointed out that she had "no control" over kissing Sam on that date and after, they "never kissed again".

Nina has branded the backlash

"Going into Paradise was about spending time with who I wanted, being in control of the situation and actually having a say it," she finished. "It blows my mind that people think that because I kissed one guy three years ago then why the hell aren't I doing it now? And that's really disgusting in my eyes."

Nina is still on the lookout for love after brutally being dumped by Eden Schwencke who gave his rose to intruder, Elora Murger.

Nina is still in contact with Daniel. Source: Ten

She's still very much in contact with Canadian intruder Daniel Maguire, so who knows if love will blossom outside of the show for them.

Bachelor in Paradise continues on Ten on Sunday at 9.30pm.

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