Why Harry needs Queen’s permission to marry

Allison Yee

It’s the wedding buzz that’s getting louder by the week, but before you start Instagram stalking Meghan Markle for signs she’s gone into bridal mode, there’s one obstacle the couple have yet to overcome – Prince Harry’s grandmother, the Queen.

There's no doubting Prince Harry has gone pretty rogue with his relationship with the Suits star so far.

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Issuing a public statement confirming their romance and ordering everyone to back off? That's pretty telling. Openly having sleepovers and having Meghan run errands outside Kensington Palace when no doubt they could have someone do it for them? These lovebirds obviously don't care who sees them.

Despite all this, there's one formality Prince Harry can’t shake with this romance. In fact, it’s actually a law that he asks the woman he affectionately calls “Granny” for permission to marry.

Prince Harry has always had a close relationship with

While tradition usually sees the man asking the bride-to-be’s dad for permission, the UK's Royal Marriages Act 1772 states that the monarch can actually veto the marriage of a family member.

Although the law has been relaxed, it still applies to the first six in line to the throne, and while the birth of Prince William’s two bubs George and Charlotte have bumped him down, Harry still comes in number five.

That's not the only marriage hoop Harry has to jump through. Despite seemingly falling head-over-heels for Meghan, it might be a while before the actress gets a formal introduction to the matriarch.

Prince William and Kate dated for four years before Kate was introduced to the queen at a royal wedding. Photo: Getty images

Prince William had been dating Kate Middleton for four years, (that’s right, four whole years!) before she was introduced to the royal powerhouse.

While one report claims Harry and Meghan have already floated the idea of marriage with the Queen and she's said yes, it will be interesting to see if and when Meghan makes her public debut with the family.

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