Woman's experiment will put you off using hand dryers forever

Sarah Carty

There’s no secret that public bathrooms aren’t exactly the cleanest places in the world.

But a microbiology student’s experiment has just revealed how filthy they really are, after she tested out the bacteria in the public hand dryers.

Nichole Ward took to Facebook to show off the results of putting her hands inside a hand dryer for just three minutes – and it’s pretty gross.

This is the result of a microbiology student’s experiment on public hand dryers. Photo: Facebook/Nichole Ward

“Ok guys.. ready to have your mind blown?!,” she started the post.

“This here, is what grew in a Petri dish after just a few days.”

Nichole went on to say that she brought her own petri dish into a public bathroom and stuck it into an enclosed hand dryer for three minutes.

She had previously revealed that it was a Dyson Airblade, however she has since removed the brand’s name since the post went viral.

“DO NOT EVER dry your hands in those things again,” she warned.

“This is the several strains of possible pathogenic fungi and bacteria that you’re swirling around your hands, and you think you’re walking out with clean hands. You’re welcome.”

The photos show an incredible amount of bacteria growing in the petri dish, with commenters disgusted at the results.

The post has already been liked over 143,000 times and shared over 55,000 times.

"Ahhhh!!!! I just used one of those today, and on it says ‘the most hygienic’ and all I could wonder is what about the air it blows into your face which is the contaminated air in the bathroom. Fecal matter everywhere!!!!! Gross.,” one person said.

She had previously revealed that it was a Dyson Airblade, however she has since removed the brand’s name since the post went viral. Photo: Dyson

“Whatttt!!!! Yuck!!! Thank you for sharing!,” another person said.

“Never use them!!! But I have found out that a lot of schools have taken out paper towels in the kids restrooms due to budget savings!!! and they wonder why there is so much sickness/superbugs in schools!!!,” a clearly disgruntled mum said.

While Nichole has since removed Dyson from the post, the company ha released a statement.

"We’re very surprised to see these results, and unclear on the methodology employed," a spokesperson for the company said.

"All DysonAirbladeTM hand dryers have HEPA filters that capture particles as small as bacteria from the washroom air before it leaves the machine.

"Dyson AirbladeTM hand dryers are proven hygienic by university research and are trusted by hospitals, food manufacturers and businesses worldwide."

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