Why you'll soon want to sit in the middle seat on a plane

Sarah Carty

If you’re the type of person who does anything to make sure you’re not stuck sitting in a middle seat on a plane, then this new invention is about to change everything.

We all know how awful it is when the plane is full, you left it until the last minute to pick your seat and now you’re wedged in between two people for a 15-hour long haul.

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But it seems that our prayers are about to be answered as a Denver airline interior firm has come up with a pretty genius way of making the middle seat desirable.

The middle seat on the plane is soon about to become the most desirable in economy class. Photo: Getty

Molon Labe Designs have reconfigured the whole three-seat system by making the middle seat not only three inches bigger than the ones to either side but they’re also proposing it should be staggered.

That’s right, just like business class, which has long featured staggered seats, the company wants airlines to place the middle seat on the plane a few inches behind the others, so that person has an incentive to sit there.

The new design plan not only offers people more privacy but it also means a bigger screen will be on the back of the middle seats so if you pick that seat you’ll be guaranteed a bigger in-flight entertainment system.

Instead of battling for armrest space, on company has the middle seat should be staggered to allow for more comfort. Photo: Getty
It would mean that the in-flight entertainment screen would be bigger and the seat would be three inches larger. Photo: Getty

And while larger middle seats have been taken into consideration before, staggered middle seats have never featured in economy class.

The armrest placement also means that there will be no elbow-tag happening, as it will be staggered.

The plan comes after the same company put forward a Slip-Slide Seat design, where the aisle seat slides in front of the middle seat to allow for more aisle space.

It’s already passed crash tests and it’s expected to be rolled out on certain planes within the next year or two.

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