Will.i.am accuses airline of giving away his seat

Will.i.am accuses airline of giving away his seat

It seems that even celebrities miss out on flights if they don’t arrive early enough.

Black Eyed Peas singer will.i.am has expressed his frustration with United Airlines on Twitter after he arrived for a flight from New York to China, only to discover that he was too late and his seat had been given away.

According to his tweets, he arrived at 12.30pm for a 1.15pm flight.

According to Aol, United representatives advise travellers to get to the airport at least an hour before their flight is due to depart.

It’s not the first time the star has vented on Twitter about the airline.

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In May, he was removed from one of its Global First lounges and tweeted, “#unitedAIRLINES is the worse. Im a member & I have my card to prove it. but they tell me my card is fake & kick me out the lounge #ouch”.