Will Samantha Jade pull a Taylor Swift?

Eliza Velk

Having been in the music industry since her early teens, Samantha Jade is always looking at ways to further her outstanding career.

So, collaborating with a big international name would be an absolute no-brainer for the former X Factor star.

And taking a page from Taylor Swift’s book, Samantha revealed her ultimate dream would be to work with Ed Sheeran.

Samantha Jade revealed it would be a dream of hers to witness Ed Sheeran. Source: Getty

Speaking to Be, the 30-year-old gushed over her love for the hit singer, proving that even when you’re famous you can still have everyday fan girl moments.

“This probably seems strange but I LOVE Ed Sheeran. He’s probably my favourite songwriter of our generation, he’s just so talented and his music is timeless," she tells Be.

"This last album I’ve listened to over and over again and I absolutely love it. If I could just be a fly on the wall and see what his song writing process is, I would love that."

Samantha Jade fangirls over Ed Sheeran's music. Source: Getty

So we asked the most obvious question, 'Have you reached out to him?' but the humble songstress went shy.

"Oh no no, god no!" she says.

"I mean working with him would be next level but I would just love to go to a song writing seminar that he’s hosting or something. I would just love to know how he does it, because his songs are just amazing, they’re the closest thing to classics I think," Samantha says.

While Samantha struggles to see this dream as a reality, she should keep in mind that Taylor Swift - who is now besties with Ed - only met the singer a few years ago after casually reaching out to him through her manager.

She admits she would love to be a fly on the wall and watch him work. Source: Instagram / samantha_jade_music

Pop sensation Taylor ended up forming a powerful friendship with the musician early on in their careers and It seems to be a bond that is unbreakable.

"We wrote a song on a trampoline, ate some apple pie and had a jam. It was very fun," Ed Sheeran described their first meeting to Rolling Stone.

Taylor Swift became besties with Ed Sheeran by reaching out to him early in their careers. Source: Getty

Since their adorable meet-up, the pair have performed together multiple times and supported each other in their rise to success.

In fact, Taylor will often make sure to give a shoutout to Ed during her big wins throughout her career, which have now landed her on Forbes list of Most Powerful Musicians.

So it seems there could be hope for Samantha after all, she just has to pull a Taylor and make the first move in reaching out.

Is there potential for a Samantha Jade and Ed Sheeran friendship like he has with Taylor Swift? Source: Getty

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