Will Thin Make You Happy?

Is thin the answer?

Not if the question is, what will make me happier? The answer may include losing weight, and making more money, and a lot of other things, but one thing I think we all know is that if your goal is to be thin, you're likely to try any number of rapid weight loss remedies, and the likelihood of those remedies actually getting you to your 'ideal weight' (for more than a short period of time) is small.

In fact, it is more probable that a quick fix weight loss plan will cause you to lose a little and then gain even more back. And I am betting that the reason you do want to lose weight (and make more money etc) is because you want to be happy.

So consider what your goal is, and if being happy is a part of it, then consider the possibility of becoming fitter and healthier overall. If that is your goal, you will certainly lose weight if you need to, and you'll be addressing other important issues regarding your physical and mental fitness that will make you feel better and look better, and I don't know anyone who wouldn't be happier with that.

Now it may seem like semantics but truly there is a big difference between looking at your body and all that distresses you about it, trying to figure out how you will shrink different body parts, and looking at your body while considering what it would do if you ate well, thought about yourself kindly, and exercised moderately.

Start here:
1. Look at yourself in the mirror and, with compassion, think, "How do I want to look and how do I want to feel?"

2. Realistically decide what you are willing do in terms of cleaning up your diet and exercising more, so it won't feel like a total chore.

3. Decide to be nice to yourself when evaluating your body. Your body will likely be nicer to you by responding to the little things that you do to make it feel and look better.

You may think it's a lot of hoo hah, but the truth is if you act toward yourself like you like yourself you will see results (and all kinds of benefits beyond physical change) much faster. You are not separate from your body, so when you are angry and resistant, so is your body.

This is the only summer you'll get this year; start enjoying yourself, and your summer more, right now.

Peace and Good Health,
Debbie Rocker