Woman catches boyfriend cheating with Instagram model

Sarah Carty

A woman has been left reeling after discovering her boyfriend was about to cheat on her with an Instagram model.

The woman, who goes only by the name Daniella, decided to go on the YouTube show To Catch a Cheater to see if her boyfriend of two years, Michael, would cheat on her.

The 24-year-old fell right into her trap and was caught literally with his pants down.

Daniella tried to catch her boyfriend out on To Catch a Cheater. Photo: YouTube/To Catch a Cheater

The video starts with the producers of the show getting the model to contact Michael, before trying to strike up a relationship with him.

It didn't take long and they soon arrange to meet up, with Michael traveling miles to get to the model.

He arrives at her apartment and things start to get hot and heavy within minutes.

They enlisted the help of an Instagram model. Photo: YouTube/To Catch a Cheater
Daniella confronts her boyfriend in the model's apartment. Photo: YouTube/To Catch a Cheater

The model pretends to go into her room to change while Michael strips down in the living room.

However, little does he know that his girlfriend, Daniella, is actually hiding out in the bedroom.

She goes out to confront him and you need to watch the video above to see what happens/

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