Woman claims stick-on bra left her bloody and bruised

Elise Sole

Stick-on, push-up bras are everywhere these days (thanks, Amber Rose!), promising fuller cleavage with adhesives and a drawstring.

But one woman on social media has claimed that the bra ripped off her skin, leaving her breasts bloodied and blistered.

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Jami Jessop from Maryland recently shared her experience with Tidetell Invisible Women’s Strapless Self-Adhesive Demi Bra with Drawstrings, writing on Facebook, “I have never in my life in been in this much pain".

A woman has claimed this bra left her bloody and sore. Photo: Amazon
Jami Jessop took to Facebook to reveal her wounds. Photo: Facebook

"The bra you see is what did this. I never want anyone to experience what I have, never ever will I buy this kind again. It says ‘don’t recommend for heat because it will make the bra slip.’ Well I wore it and it DID NOT slip. It was glued to my breast.

"I wasn't in heat but for two seconds to go to my car and went inside to grab a few things before I had to leave and with In that little bit of time I couldn't get the bra off."

Jessop’s post received more than 67,000 shares, 20,000 reactions, and 36,000 comments from people outraged by the woman’s experience and floods of sympathetic comments for her pain.

Yahoo Beauty could not reach Jessop for comment or a representative from Tidetell.

Over on Amazon, where the bra got 3.5 stars out of 5, the product description warns customers to avoid wearing the item in heat “because sweat may make it slip down.”

And some reviewers called the item “awful” and “disappointing,” with one remarking that the bra fell off after only 30 minutes of use.

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