Woman delivers her own baby in amazing c-section photos

Kristine Tarbert

These stunning photos of a woman delivering her own baby via c-section will leave you in awe.

Birth photographer first met new mum Emily Dial when she herself was having a baby.

So she was completely thrilled when Emily then in turn asked her to be their for the birth of her own baby.

But she had no idea just how incredible the moment would turn out to be and that she would watch her friend reach down and deliver her own baby via c-section. And the photos have since gone viral.

"It been's incredible. I’m blown away by all the recognition this has gotten," Sarah tells Be.

"Mainly by other c-section mummas who are joyed to see pictures like this. I’ve heard over and over it’s given them a connection to their own birth that they might not have had."

Emily prepares for the surgery. Photo: Sarah Hill Photography

Emily, who had lost her first son Grayson after a scheduled c-section, know exactly what she wanted to do when she found out she was expecting another baby.

She was determined this birth would be different. And working as a midwife and with plenty of access to people willing to help, Emily planned the truely miraculous event.

Having to scrub in herself and prepare for surgery, Emily was given gloves to wear and a clear sterile screen covering her face allowed her to see everything.

Emily was able to pull her baby out herself. Photo: Sarah Hill Photography
She could see everything through a clear screen. Photo: Sarah Hill Photography

After doctors made the cut, all she had to do was reach down and pull her baby out.

"It was an incredible feeling to reach down, feel her head, then slowly feel the rest of her coming, but a little strange not being able to feel the rest of my abdomen," Emily told CafeMom.

"It truly was one of the happiest moments of my life."

She says it was the happiest moment of her life. Photo: Sarah Hill Photography

And Sarah's amazing images capturing the moment are breathtaking.

"It made it even more special that she works beside her delivery team every day. As soon as I arrived I could feel the love in the room," Sarah told Love What Matters.

"This was by far one of the most incredible days of my life ... It was unreal. To say that she is amazing, is an understatement," she added on Facebook.

Friend Sarah was honoured to capture it all on camera. Photo: Sarah Hill Photography

And to make it even more exciting Emily didn't know if it was going to be a boy or girl. Turns out was a girl - Emma Kaye Dial.

Congrats mumma.

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