Woman forces cheating boyfriend to strip in public

Kristine Tarbert

When this woman found out her boyfriend was cheating on her she busted him in public and made him strip.

The video posted to Youtube this week appears to have been filmed by the woman's friend, as the pair walk through a shopping centre.

The woman filming can be heard saying "best friend, uh oh b**ch", as she follows her friend through the centre to where a man is standing at a counter with another woman.

"So this is what you do," the scorned lady asks.

Busted! The man is shocked to see his partner show up. Photo: Youtube
The woman yells 'take your s**t' off. Photo: Youtube

Completely stunned, the man has no idea what hit him when she starts yanking his jacket off and yelling "take your s**t off!"

The man is left running for the hills in nothing but his shirt and underwear.

The man is forced to strip in public. Photo: Youtube

We're not sure if he learnt his lesson.

The final outcome of the situation is not known.

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