Woman Lost In Three-Story Ball Pit

Bloggers Vivien and John Low from Beautiful Chaos went with their son to check out Airzone at Singapore's City Square Mall. It features a three-story ball pit, which sounds like incredible amounts of fun. However, Vivian found the experience to be a little overwhelming at first, getting lost in the ball pit and (for a few moments) felt like she was going to drown. The panic eventually subsided and the family had a great time.  Airzone provided a statement about the incident: "The management and owners have been operating other thrill and family attractions, and with over a decade of experience, we would like to assure everyone that safety is never compromised. AIRZONE staff are trained in first-aid and 2 - 3 AIRZONE Captains are stationed at every level during peak periods. Furthermore, to ensure that guests are able to play safely, we have a mandatory pre-briefing for everyone prior to entering the nets. There is also currently a cap of 8 pax in the ball pit at any one time.   With Vivien’s helpful feedback on her experience, we are speaking with patrons of AIRZONE and reviewing the appropriateness in reducing the number of balls. We are also looking at reducing the slack of the nets so that it would help ensure the pit is shallower. While it is not a safety issue, our guests’ experience is of paramount importance to us, and we would like to ensure that they have the best experience on AIRZONE. So far, the feedback we have collected about the ball pit has been very positive and we've not received any other feedback about the ball pit being too deep."