Woman raising $40k to remove 12kg skin

Allison Yee

Think about how much 12 kilograms weighs.

If you’ve ever struggled to carry home a one-litre bottle of soda water from the shops, multiple that by 12, and you’ll know it weighs A LOT.

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For Wendy Epperly-Miller, that’s how much loose skin she has on her body after losing an incredible 81 kilograms.

Mum-of-two Wendy has been left battling excess skin after losing an incredible amount of weight. Photo: www.gofundme.com

The mum-of-twins from Illinois knew things had to change when the scales hit 195kg after years of emotional eating saw her gorge on pizza, chips and other junk food.

“In the fall of 2014, Wendy joined Weight Watchers, [found] a home gym where she felt welcome as she put in daily efforts of overcoming a lifetime of damage,” Wendy’s GoFundMe page explains.

After years of yo-yo dieting, Wendy decided to change her life for good in 2014. Photo: Facebook/wendy.epperlymiller

“Wendy has lost [81kg] naturally and is STILL working daily.”

Despite the stay-at-home mum losing an unbelievable amount of weight, Wendy is facing her next battle – having surgery to remove the 12kg of excess skin she has been left with.

Wendy's skin now causes her daily pain as she struggles to exercise with it. Photo: www.gofundme.com

"[Wendy] has devoted her life change to being a role model to her two small daughters. It has been impossible for Wendy to save any funds to get this excess skin removed because she has had to undergo 18 foot surgeries because of the damage her weight caused over a lifetime,” the 36-year-old’s GoFundMe page reads.

With Wendy’s excess skin causing her additional health problems, she’s hoping to raise $40,000 for the surgeries.

Wendy has completely changed her mindset and now exercises three to four times a week. Photo: www.gofundme.com

“[Wendy] continues to move forward, praying for a miracle to free her of this excess skin that aches and bruises and gets infected the more intensely she tries to workout,” the GoFundMe page reads.

“Thank you all so so much from the bottom of my heart! I cannot say that enough. I am happy to say that I am now down [83.4kg],” says Wendy.

Wendy has a new lease on life since her weight loss, and can now keep up with her twin girls. Photo: Facebook/wendy.epperlymiller

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