Woman crowdfunds 10GG breast reduction

Sarah Carty

A woman who is crowdfunding her breast reduction has revealed the agony she went through with her size 10GG boobs.

By the time Taylah Gifford was 19-years-old, her breasts were already bigger than she could carry, weighing an astonishing 3kg each.

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The now 21-year-old, from the Byron Bay area in NSW, said they “felt like sacks of potatoes” on her chest and her roommate decided to set up a Go Fund Me campaign to raise the $14,000 needed for the operation.

Taylah Gifford (pictured pre-surgery) was a size 10GG here. Photo: Taylah Gifford
Here she is pictured after her surgery with size 10D breasts. Photo: Taylah Gifford

Like most 16-year-olds, Taylah dreamed of being able to wear a crop top but it would never happen for her as before she knew it, her breasts started to grow at an alarming rate.

When she was 17, Taylah went to her parents and asked them if she could have a breast reduction but they told her to wait a few years as they might not have finished growing.

And they were right, as up until a year-and-a-half ago, Taylah’s breasts continued to grow, reaching a staggering size 10GG.

“I was tiny and one day they just started growing and growing like crazy,” Taylah told Be.

Taylah is quite a sporty person, playing touch football in her spare time and taking dance and swimming classes, however her large breasts held her back.

“I ended up not being able to play as much sport because it was too painful so I would always just have to exercise at home,” Taylah said.

Taylah (pictured pre-surgery) was in agony from her heavy breasts when she exercised. Photo: Taylah Gifford
The 21-year-old (pictured pre-surgery) started a Go Fund Me page to raise the $14,000 needed for the surgery. Photo: Taylah Gifford

“After going on a jog for 20 minutes I would just be in agony so I would have to stop.

“The only exercise I could do that didn’t really hurt was yoga. That affected me a lot because I’m really happy when I’m doing lots of different activities.”

When it came to buying bras, Taylah was forced to splash out $150 a pop for made-to-order bras online, which she needed to repurchase every three months because her breasts were so heavy.

“You have to order them all online or you have to go to special boutique bra shops that make them for you and usually you can't get anything nice,” she said.

While she admits that was a minor worry, Taylah also had problems buying clothes that would fit over her breasts.

The size 10 woman usually ended up buying size 14 clothes that would fit her on top but swamp her lower half.

On December 9th, Taylah went under the knife. Photo: Taylah Gifford
She was delighted with the results. Photo: Taylah Gifford

“I never really fit into clothes properly because I’m out of proportion quite a lot,” she said.

“Most of the time I would dress quite well to cover them up so a lot of people that I didn’t hang out with all the time didn’t realise how big they were.“

While Taylah admits to covering up her breasts whenever she could, she revealed she still got inappropriate comments and strange stares from people she didn’t know.

“I always got looks and I’d catch people not talking to my face and I’d think: ‘that’s so obvious. What are you doing?, ” she said.

Taylah tried to get a reduction through the public system but after a mix-up her name was left off the yearly waiting list and she was forced to go private.

While she was initially reluctant to create a Go Fund Me group, her friend convinced her that she will “probably never be asking for money again” and because she’s a university student people "wouldn’t mind giving $10 here and there".

Here Taylah is pictured just five weeks after surgery at The Mermaid Pools in NSW. Photo: Taylah Gifford
Taylah is pictured at a celebratory lunch after her surgery. Photo: Taylah Gifford

On December 9th last year she went under the knife and now, six weeks later, she couldn’t be feeling better after getting her breast size down to a 10D.

"I have a new lease on life,” she said.

“I feel amazing. I feel so light.”

One of the first thing she did after the swelling went down was go on a shopping trip to Cotton On, where she invested in some cute bras and dug out an old bag of clothes from before she hit puberty.

“I had a bag of clothes that were all size 10 that I love in the cupboard from about four years ago and I got them all out and I tried them all on and they fit finally,” she said.

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