Woman reveals unconventional way she met her hubby

Emma Shepherd

Dating is hard, and navigating the world of apps like Bumble, Tinder and Happn can be downright exhausting.

But if you haven't been able to meet someone through friends, and everyone you run into at the pub is a creep, there may be another way to meet your prince charming - and it doesn't involve going on Married at First Sight.

Former singleton Sophie Turner - now Sophie Cox - spoke to Be about the less-conventional way she found her Mr Right; by ditching the swipe-right and attending a 'roaming dinner party'.

Sophie met her now husband at a roaming dinner party, the new way of dating. Source: Supplied
Shan and Sophie now live in London and are happily married. Source: Supplied

"I went on a couple of Tinder dates in Sydney," she said. "But I just felt like they’re quite contrived. I think it’s very hard to sell yourself in a couple of sentences and a couple of photos on a dating app."

Sophie, originally from the UK, moved to Australia at the end of 2013, after trying to escape the dreaded single feels of watching all of her friends get married and have babies in London.

"I had a great network of friends in London but everyone was settling down, everyone was starting to get engaged and settle down, and I wasn't, so my best friend and I wanted to meet new people, so that’s why we decided to make the move to Australia," she said.

"I spent the first year in Sydney really wanting to find someone and I found it hard to find anyone.

Sophie and Shan got married after a year of dating. Source: Supplied

"There weren’t any avenues to meet new people, I was dating people and it didn’t really go anywhere, online dating was a bit crap, so I almost just gave up and focused on having time with my friends."

But it was only a matter of time before she was itching to get back on the dating scene and was introduced to someone who was into 'roaming dinner parties'.

They're basically dinner parties with friends, except they're organised by a dating company - in this case Soirèe - and filled with singles ready to mingle.

A roaming dinner party is a dining experience with a difference and offers a natural and exciting way to socialise with different groups of like-minded people.

The experience allows you to feel less intimidated by dating with someone one-on-one, you gather a group of four friends of the same sex, with the option to be either a host or a guest.

The pair met back in 2013 at a roaming dinner party and had an immediate connection. Source: Supplied

Host's, usually four people off the same sex prepare a three-course meal and stay in one location while the guests travel to three locations. Guests, also four people of the opposite sex to the hosts travel between the hosts houses, with each course lasting 1.5 hours.

At the end of the experience you then attend an afterparty allowing you to meet up with all groups from the night, and reconnecting with the people you may be interested in.

"I have done two Sydney Soirée dinner parties, and on the second one I met my husband, she confessed. "It was definitely unexpected."

For more information on Sydney Soirée dinner parties got o their website, Sydney Soirée

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