Woman’s epic engagement ring ad after cheating fiancé knocks up 18-year-old

Kristine Tarbert

This woman’s brutal and completely hilarious Facebook post to sell her engagement ring has people in stiches.

Given to her by “Satan incarnate himself”, the woman explains that she is selling her “beautiful 14 Karat white gold diamond engagement ring” after finding out her fiancé was a cheater.

A woman is trying to sell her engagement ring online. Photo: Facebook

“This beautiful diamond ring I chose represents his desire to spend the rest of his life cheating on me,” she wrote on the post.

“It is a Size I (i), as in 'I am not hanging around anymore now I know you have an 18 year old … pregnant.'”

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And the zingers keep coming, as she writes that she doesn’t want the ring as a constant reminder that she even considered wanting to spend her life “with someone who is destined to spend his life working out the back of McDonald’s”.

People are loving the woman's brutal and honest post. Photo: Facebook

Although the ring originally cost $3,500, she is selling it for $1,500.

“$1000 would probably cover counselling from a professional so I could get over the amount of League of Legends porn he jacked off too,” she wrote.

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“The extra $500 would at least cover the damage he did punching my brand new car when I tried to leave.”

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The woman says she can provide all original receipts from the jeweller and just wants to get it out of her wallet.

“The ring comes with a life time care package, just like the one that was presented to me but then left me homeless,” the post continues.

“Just like the 17 year old girl he was having sex with in our home whilst I was earning the sole income in our household trying to support us, it has been barely used and is really simple.”

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By the looks of the comments, she may not have sold the ring yet but has certainly gained a legion of fans.

“My god that was brilliantly written,” one person commented.

“If you printed this post out and framed it, you could send it to the Louvre for them to hang next to the Mona Lisa because it is a f**king WORK OF ART,” another agreed.

While others put it simply.

“Mic drop!”

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