Woman’s terrifying find after honey appears on walls

Allison Yee

If you’re the kind of person who has a minor freak out the second a bee starts buzzing near your head, imagine one woman’s horror when she discovered her bedroom was home to 35,000 of them.

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Brooklyn woman Cherisse Mulzac first started seeing honeybees in her bedroom a year ago, but had no idea where they were coming from.

"The bees started coming," Cherisse told FOX5NY. "I'd come home from work there were like six or seven dead bees on my floor."

After a year of random bee deaths in her bedroom, one US woman was horrified to find 35,000 of them in ceiling. Photo: FOX5NY

Things really started to get out of control when she began noticing honey dripping down her bedroom walls.

Cue horror music and Cherissa making a panicked call to professional beekeeper Mickey.

Third generation beekeeper Mickey was forced to cut a 1.2 metre hole in Cherisse’s ceiling where he made the skin-crawling discovery.

Experienced beekeeper Mickey was called in to help remove the hive. Photo: Facebook

Even Mickey, with all his bee experience, admits he was taken aback at the size of the colony.

"Normally, a hive in a wall or in a ceiling is about half this size, so when I cut in and then I had to cut twice the size of the hole and they were still right there, I couldn't believe it," he told FOX5NY.

Cherisse and Mickey show off their honey haul. Photo: FOX5NY

Bee lovers don’t fret – Mickey used a low pressure vacuum to gather the bees safely, and harvested the honey – up to 22kg of it – from Cherisse’s ceiling.

The bees were then rehomed in Mickey’s garden in Brooklyn

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