Woman’s viral #samebae Twitter rant on cheating boyfriend

Kristine Tarbert

One woman’s epic Twitter rant about how she discovered her boyfriend of three years had been cheating on her has gone viral.

Using the hashtag #SameBae, Ayana took her 10,000 followers on a journey of friendship, betrayal and revenge in a thread that by some has been dubbed the ‘best of the year’.

Working as a waitress in the US, Ayana explains how she found out her boyfriend was seeing her colleague – who lives just six doors down - behind her back.

Ayana revealed in an epic Twitter thread how she found out her boyfriend was cheating. Photo: Twitter

Both women were new to their waitressing job but the pair quickly bonded over their likeness, including a similar taste in men.

Sadly, it seems their taste was too similar.

See how the hilarious story unfolded below:

Ayana shared her story on Twitter. Photo: Twitter

Incredibly, despite now knowing that her boyfriend has been cheating on her, Ayana somehow manages to keep her cool and pretends she’s none the wiser.

Still not revealing what’s really going on, after realising that they live close to each other Ayana comes up with an elaborate scheme to invite her co-worker to hang out at her house – the catch – she lives with her BF.

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As they pull up outside her home Ayana realises that her ‘bae’ is there and springs the trap.

“Their f***ing faces were priceless do you hear me!” she triumphantly declares.

#Samebae out! Photo: Twitter

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