Colleague accuses woman of faking pregnancy

Sarah Carty

While pregnancy announcements are usually a joyous occasion, one woman is completely sceptical about whether her co-worker is even expecting at all.

The woman said that in her line of work, when you reveal you’re pregnant you’re automatically placed on lighter duties, however she’s noticed something very suspicious with her co-worker’s scan photo and believes she may actually be lying about the whole thing.

Now, she’s taken to Mumsnet to ask for advice on whether or not to go to their boss, as she can’t stand seeing everyone picking up the slack for her co-worker.

“There was some confusion initially about dating and her saying she had a miscarriage then didn’t that was all a bit suspicious but no one said anything,” the woman, who goes by the name Steeley113 said on the thread.

One woman is completely skeptical about whether her co-worker is pregnant, after she noticed something off with her ultrasound scan. Photo: HBO

“She then stated last week she went for her 12-week scan and there was no baby to be found and she was to come back the next day for another scan.”

Then, when the woman messaged her co-worker on Facebook to see how things went with her second ultrasound, she received a very bizarre scan photo in reply.

It looked like a regular scan, except that the date on it was marked 2015.

“She has other children and I was a bit suspicious so I checked her previous Facebook photos and found it was the exact scan of her previous child," she said.

The woman goes on to say that she is actually her co-worker’s senior and is finding it extremely awkward as she is looking to take time off work for appointments.

“It will all come out eventually regardless but I see my other colleagues picking up the slack and feel quite bad that it’s all potentially made up,” she said.

People flocked to the thread to give their opinions on the matter, with some telling the woman to voice her concerns and others telling her to bide her time.

“That’s horrible of her. I’d go to manager with your concerns and they will go from there,” one person said.

The woman's scan said 2015 in the corner, even though she had just revealed her pregnancy. Photo (stock image): Getty Images

“Poor woman. Def take it higher, she obviously needs some help,” another person said.

“I’d mention to management that you’re concerned about her as what she’s saying doesn’t make sense. Do it without sounding like you’re accusing her or dobbing her in,” a commenter said.

Others said that her co-worker could actually be having issues and she needs to be careful with how she words it to her boss.

“Personally, I would probably step back and see how it unfolds as you can't lie about a pregnancy for long. However, the sensible thing to do would be to speak to your manager about your concerns,” one person said.

“Obviously it will all be resolved soon enough. Just in case there has been some kind of miscarriage or there are problems I would hold off doing anything for now. Give it a couple of weeks and if you still have concerns speak to your manager,” another person said.

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